Racket Review: Head Boom Pro

Racket Review: Head Boom Pro

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Several prominent manufacturers have introduced new lines of rackets in recent years that promise to offer a blend of stability, control, power and comfort all in one racket. The most recent of these is Head's new Boom Pro, so let's see if their brightly coloured racket lives up to the excitement!


Head offers the new Boom model in various specifications. The heaviest and most performance-focused in the lineup is targeted at intermediate to advanced players who seek to unleash powerful shots and make a statement on the court. The Boom is designed to provide players with easy access to power. Its head is more rounded than many other models in the Head range, which expands the sweet spot and gives the racket a sense of being larger than it actually is.


This unique design may take some time to get accustomed to, as the racket can feel slightly weighty in motion due to most of the air resistance coming from the top of the frame. Despite this, the Boom can give the impression of using an oversized racket. Head sizes play a crucial role in selecting the ideal racket, so it is essential to feel comfortable not only with the frame's shape but also its square inch size.


The first thing that catches your eye about the Boom Pro is its distinctive colour scheme. Subtle racket designs have been popular in recent years, but Head stands out by incorporating a turquoise paint job. It is eye-catching without being garish, sparking curiosity among observers.


The bright colour extends only to the lower part of the head, covering the throat and grip of the racket, creating a tasteful design complemented by the sleek black upper portion of the head. The Boom Pro's construction lends it a relatively supple feel, with flexible materials used in the lower part of the frame. This differs from typical powerful rackets that tend to have higher stiffness ratings for increased energy return upon ball contact.


Although this design is effective in delivering power, it often sacrifices comfort and playability, potentially causing strain on the arm. Manufacturers incorporate dampening technology to reduce harsh vibrations while maintaining sufficient stiffness to deliver power efficiently. Head has adopted this approach with the Boom Pro, featuring a 67 stiffness rating along with strategic dampening.


The racket's feel combines characteristics from both powerful and control-focused rackets, offering a certain plushness that may require some adjustment. Once you become accustomed to it, the Boom Pro proves to be a powerful yet surprisingly accurate racket off the ground. The string pattern provides enough spin to keep the ball in play, and the racket's weight allows for solid plough through, making it suitable for players who prefer a firm, thumping forehand.


On both forehands and backhands, the Boom Pro performs admirably, striking a balance between power and spin to maintain accuracy and depth. Confidence in your swings is bolstered by the racket's ability to surprise with controlled outcomes. Despite excelling in comfort compared to similar rackets, the Boom Pro may not offer the same level of finesse for players seeking a superior feel during volleys.


The Boom Pro shines during serves, delivering ample power and decent control. Its plushness enhances comfort and forgiveness, sparing the arm from excessive strain even during extended use. The rounded frame design facilitates powerful and pacey serves, particularly favouring flat serves. Second serves benefit from a good spin potential and ease of execution, allowing for confident and efficient delivery.


Returns with the Boom Pro are comfortable, solid, and powerful, enabling players to confidently strike the ball deep into the court using the open string pattern. While mastering blocking requires some adjustment, the racket's power compensates for the effort involved in generating angles. Overall, the racket strikes a balance between firmness and comfort, instilling trust in the player for reliable performance on the court.


In conclusion, the Head Boom Pro adds value to the brand's Pro lineup with its focus on power and surprising comfort. Offering easy power generation with a stiff construction, the racket demonstrates a unique pocketing quality. Although its high swing weight may require some adjustment, the Boom Pro excels in serving and groundstrokes.


While volleys may not be its strongest suit, the racket boasts enough control and feel to encourage net play, particularly after delivering powerful approach shots.

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