Racket Review: Head Extreme 2022 MP

Racket Review: Head Extreme 2022 MP

With the new Auxetic Technology included on the 2022 update Head Extreme, expect a more solid feel and improved control



WEIGHT (UNSTRUNG):300 g / 10.6 oz


HEAD SIZE:645 cm² / 100 in²


BALANCE:320 mm / 1 in HL

LENGTH:685 mm / 27.0 in

BEAM:23/26/21 mm

The Head Extreme 2022 colour is hard to miss and you may not want to miss out on giving this racket a try.

The Head Extreme range is Heads' range of rackets that provides players looking for extra spin with a weapon they can enjoy. With improved feel and control thanks to the Auxetic technology, The Extreme 2022 is undoubtedly the best one yet.

Auxetic technology is a construction design in the throat of the frame, intended to give the racket an improved response, most notably on off-centre contact.  This gives the racket a more plush feel.

With it's 100sq inch head and 16 x 19 open string pattern for optimal control, the racket offers easy targeting experience to players looking for extra manoeuvrability. This was the one negative point from players on the previous version, Head have worked hard to address the issue to give you improved control.

The thick beam offers more stability through the string bed to give you confidence in every strike.

The improved control encourages big swings to provide very good pace and spin to shots, to create chaos for your opponents (as the slogan goes).

The generous sweet spot provides a forgiving and pure shot for ultimate feel of the ball. The trampoline effect of the string movement bolstered pace and spin, but also soaked up some of the feedback, limiting a degree of ball connection. But that’s somewhat expected for this type of solid frame, and it wasn’t a noticeable detriment to its performance.

Despite being a racket on the heavier side at 300g, the racket swings very fast for great manoeuvrability, less power and increased spin.

The updates have gone down very well in player tests and the improvements were noticeable. The power may not be as big but the Extreme MP still hits a juicy ball from the back of the court with easy power.

If you're a player that loves to hit a heavy top spin forehand, you will love using this racket. If you hit a flatter ball, this racket may not be for you, you may opt for the Speed Pro or Prestige Pro may be better for you. The Racket provides easy dept and great bite on slices.

Hit Berretini like bombs with the serve and kick serves get extra kick, hold serve with ease!

The Extreme MP is a very enjoyable racket to use. Not only does it look awesome, it feels awesome. The MP version of the racket is extra user-friendly, providing a lovely ball that is tailor made for aggressive baseline players, With just enough all court guile.

If you're looking for extra spin, go for the MP version. if you're looking for a little more power, the Tour version is for you.

If you're in the market for a racket that provides heavy ground shots and serves big with great control, feel with extra RPM's, don't overlook this racket.

Order today! https://www.gsmsports.ae/products/head-extreme-mp-2023-tennis-racket 

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