Racket Review: Head Speed Pro 2024

Racket Review: Head Speed Pro 2024

Head Speed Pro 2024

  • Price: 1279 aed
  • Head Size: 100 sq. in.
  • Length: 27 in.
  • Weight: 11.6 oz.
  • Balance: 6 pts. HL
  • Swingweight: 333
  • RA Rating: 60
  • Beam Width: 23 mm
  • String Pattern: 18x20

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Head Speed Pro 2024 on a tennis court


The Head Speed Pro 2024 incorporates the Auextic 2.0 technology, which is now integrated throughout the frame to enhance the racquet's overall response and feel. This technology extends to the end of the handle, contributing to a more true and pleasing response upon ball contact, irrespective of the impact location on the string bed. Additionally, it aims to amplify the racquet’s distinctive feel.


The updated colour block design scheme adds a modern touch, with changes made to the black and white shading for a fresh appearance. 

The new presentation of the specs on the throat provides a simplified and easier-to-read layout compared to the previous style displayed on the beam of the frame.


On the court, the Speed Pro 2024 impresses with its ability to produce a clean, comfortable, and highly repeatable ball with an attractive blend of power, spin, and control. Its weight of shot and versatile playability cater well to experienced players with developed strokes and complete games. Despite being a highly flexible frame, the ample swing-weight prevents it from feeling overly soft or lacking in power, even on off-centre contact. It offers a connected and solid feel, making it a favourite among players transitioning from the Speed Pro 2022.


The racket boasts an above-average sized sweet spot for an 18x20 model, offering a bit more margin for error, especially on defence, compared to control-oriented 98s. While not optimised for topspin due to its tight pattern, the Pro showcases excellent trajectory and spin potential, making it a suitable choice for players who prefer driving their shots and hitting hard slices.


The Pro delivers exceptional precision on groundstrokes, allowing players to match pace with placement for added aggression. Serves with the Pro feel confident, offering both depth and accuracy. Likewise, returns of serve benefit from the racquet's solid and stable performance, with the mass proving more than capable of effectively targeting precise areas in the service box.


At the net, the Pro handles low volleys with finesse and possesses the pocketing and punch necessary to manage higher volleys. The extension of Auxetic technology to additional parts of the frame results in a plush response that surpasses earlier models in the franchise.


However, the Pro, much like the Speed line in general, falls into the category of middle-of-the-road rackets, offering a balanced mix of attributes without specialising in a particular area. Although it is not underpowered, it does require a full, fast swing to optimise its performance. Generating topspin also requires a concerted effort, as it is not as easily achieved as with racquets featuring more open string patterns. 


In conclusion, the new Speed Pro 2024 maintains its reputation as a versatile and reliable choice for skilled players, offering a balanced and appealing combination of power, control, and spin.



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