Racket Review: Wilson Blade Pro V2 Padel Racket

Racket Review: Wilson Blade Pro V2 Padel Racket

We couldn't wait to play test the Wilson Blade Pro V2 Padel Racket.

The racket is an exceptional choice for skilled padel players looking to elevate their game. Designed specifically for experienced players, this racket combines power with a lightweight carbon fibre construction. In this review, we will delve into the features that make the Wilson Blade Pro V2 an ideal option for your next padel match.


The Wilson Blade Pro V2 is a top-tier padel racket, perfectly suited for advanced and expert-level players. Its design enables swift and forceful shots, enhanced by the textured surface that generates impressive spin on the ball. The racket is constructed using premium materials, including a carbon fibre face and EVA foam for comfort and shock absorption. The teardrop shape and attached wrist strap provide stability and control during play.


The Blade Pro V2 is a worthwhile investment for highly skilled players seeking superior performance in a padel racket. It is tailored to the needs of experienced and expert-level players, offering manoeuvrability and light power. Precise serving with optimal power can be crucial in padel, and the Wilson Blade Pro V2 delivers the perfect blend of precision and weightless power required for generating spin. However, beginners may find it more suitable to develop their technique and gradually progress to such a high-performance racket.


The beautiful looking racket is designed to facilitate fast gameplay. Its textured surface provides exceptional spin using the spin-effect grip, while the strategically woven carbon fibre face generates substantial power. The neck piece lowers the racket's centre of gravity, enhancing movement and reaction time for the player. The shock absorption and EVA foam ensure comfort, allowing players to react swiftly and maneuver with ease. With its lightweight, comfortable design and powerful shots, the Wilson Blade Pro V2 excels at delivering spontaneous reactions and formidable serves.


The Wilson Blade Pro V2 is the perfect padel racket for players seeking an intense and fast-paced game. It offers the comfort, construction, and power necessary to serve spins quickly and aggressively, adding excitement to your matches. If you believe your skills are honed enough for more demanding gameplay, the Wilson Blade Pro V2 is the ideal choice for you.

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