Racket Review: Yonex Ezone

Racket Review: Yonex Ezone

The Ezone 98 is slightly heavier than the Ezone 100, which we tested today. From the back of the court, the Ezone 98 offers good power without sacrificing control. The Ezone 100 has a slightly larger racket head at 100 sq. inches, which may decrease control but still maintains many of the same characteristics as the Ezone 98. At 300g, the Ezone 100 is a middle-ground weight that can appeal to all types of players. It is also customizable with additional weight if desired.

The Ezone 100 features Micro Offset technology to dampen vibrations and Hyper MG for added stability. Overall, the Ezone 100 is a versatile racket suitable for players of different levels.

While I personally prefer the Ezone 98 for its extra control, the Ezone 100 is easier to play with. It is comparable to the Babolat Pure Aero and Wilson Ultra 100 rackets, offering a blend of power and control. On groundstrokes, I gave the Ezone 100 the same score as the Ezone 98 - an 8 out of 10. It performed fairly well at the net, although it lacked some feel and stability needed for advanced volleying. However, it excelled in dominating points from the back of the court and hitting easy volleys.

In doubles, the Ezone 100 is solid for intermediate and lower advanced level tennis but may not be as suitable for higher-level play with faster-paced balls. On serves, the Ezone 100 provides a good balance of power and control. It is not as powerful as the Pure Aero but offers better control.

Adding weight to the racket is an option for advanced players seeking more power. Overall, the Ezone 100 is recommended for players who value power without compromising control. It performs well on groundstrokes and serves, although it may not be the best choice for advanced volleying. 

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