Racket Review: Yonex Percept 97

Racket Review: Yonex Percept 97

If you caught any of the recent matches in the U.S recently, you may have noticed something different with some of the Yonex players rackets. The cool mint green-colored frame in players such as Tiafoe’s hands marked the debut of the new Yonex Percept.

In the Yonex racquet lineup, the EZONE family brings user-friendly power, the VCORE promotes aggressive spin and the Percept offers players heightened precision and feel. For those familiar with the brand’s racquets, the Percept is taking over for the VCORE Pro. The new name differentiates it more clearly from the VCORE series as well as better relays the racquet’s design focus of top-notch control, connected feedback and all-court versatility.

Compared to the outgoing VCORE Pro, the Percept underwent three principal updates to improve its playability. First is Servo Filter, a transparent film placed between the graphite that enhances flexibility and dampens unwanted vibration. It replaces the VDM (Vibration Dampening Mesh) that was in the handle of the previous model.
Next is the FlexCon System, which is located in the tapered and elongated box beam shaft. It’s comprised of 2G-Namd Flex Force—returning from the outgoing version—and the newly created Servo Filter. The combination increases flex at contact to extended ball pocketing and enhance control.

The final addition is dubbed Stiffer Racquet Face Design. The amount of graphite in the face of the frame has been increased to give it more backbone. The VCORE Pro has been a dependable performer, but it can feel soft and underpowered at times. This modification bolsters stability at contact for a more consistent shot trajectory.

The initial Percept rollout consists of a trio of 97s and a pair of 100s, along with accompanying bags. Each frame brings its own unique specs and playability to the court. Expect to see several Yonex players including Hubert Hurkacz, Stan Wawrinka and Dayana Yastremska to be swinging the different models in the racquet line.

The Percept 97—Tiafoe’s racquet of choice—has enough mass (310g) to compete in advanced circles, but its friendly balance and smooth handling makes it attractive to strong intermediates as well. It whips easily through the hitting zone so players can take advantage of its 16x19 string pattern for good power and spin production.

The Percept 97D steps up in weight (320g) and sports a denser 18x20 string pattern. The combination gives the frame extra clout and a more linear ball flight. It’s aimed at accomplished players who want complete command over shots that penetrate through the court.

Rounding out the head size is the Percept 97H, the heaviest (330g) and most demanding frame of the group. Its high mass and swingweight give it ultimate stability to dominate contact. It takes effort and a sound swing to wield effectively, but rewards with heavy shots and ample plow through.

Players looking for a larger hitting surface and bigger sweet spot should consider the Percept 100. It also has less weight (300g) and a thicker beam than the 97s, giving it a bit more free power and forgiveness. But it’s still more control-oriented and comfortable than many of its peers carrying its dimensions.

The final entry happens to be a brand-new addition to the family. The Percept 100D has more weight (305g) than its sibling and a unique 18x19 string setup. So there’s a bit more heft delivered into each shot, with a tighter pattern to control it.

Look cool on court and take your game to the next level with the all new Yonex Percept, available now at Game Set Match Sports.

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