Shoe Review: Head Sprint Pro 3.5 Tennis/Padel Shoe

Shoe Review: Head Sprint Pro 3.5 Tennis/Padel Shoe



  • Improved fit that accommodates a wider range of players
  • Lightweight construction
  • Excellent ventilation for breathability



  • Lacks some cushioning in the forefoot, which may not provide optimal comfort for extended wear


We got our play testers, Lauren, Emily and Gabby to try out the Head Pro Sprint 3.5 Tennis shoe to get their opinion on the ever-popular shoe.


 The small tweaks to the previous version ensure that more players can take advantage of the features this speedy shoe has to offer. Our team of playtesters, who had all worn earlier versions of the Sprint Pro, were ready to provide plenty of feedback.


The most obvious update was the adjusted fit - unlike the previous model, no one on our team had to size up or down. The new, lightweight upper proved to be highly breathable, requiring no break-in period. After several weeks of wear, the playtesters all agreed that they felt well-connected to the court in these speedy shoes. However, they felt the Sprint Pro 3.5 would work better as a match-day option rather than an everyday practice shoe, due to the slightly reduced midsole cushioning compared to previous versions.


Foot Support and Stability


The team was divided in their assessment of the Sprint Pro 3.5's foot support and stability. Lauren felt the shoes provided good support, describing them as "dependable" and able to hold her feet and ankles well, despite not having a "tank-like" feel. 

However, due to a previous ankle injury, Emily prioritized support and stability more highly. She found that after initial use, the uppers started to give, allowing her feet to move around within the shoes and nearly causing her to roll her ankle on a few occasions. Retying the laces provided a slightly more secure fit, but her ankle still felt sore after more intense sessions. 

In contrast, Gabby felt the shoes offered a good balance of support and stability, though not at the highest level. She noted the mesh upper held her feet well and provided adequate support and stability, though she recommended the Revolt Pro 4.0 for those seeking maximum stability.


Overall Sole Durability


The team was pleasantly surprised by the durability of the Sprint Pro 3.5's outsole. Lauren, Emily, and Gabby all reported minimal wear on the outsoles and toe bumpers, even after extensive court time. The rubber compound seemed to hold up well, with Emily expecting at least a couple more weeks of use before any significant issues. The team was impressed by the shoes' ability to maintain traction and performance despite their lightweight construction.




The team unanimously agreed that the traction provided by the Sprint Pro 3.5s was excellent. Gabby appreciated the "perfect blend of tack and give," which allowed for quick changes of direction without feeling too sticky or slippery. 

Lauren noted the lack of any squeaking or traction issues, allowing for seamless transitions between shots. 

Gabby found the unique tread pattern provided reliable grip without making her feel "stuck" to the court.




As the lighter option in Head's top-tier lineup, the Sprint Pro 3.5s were praised for their speed and lightweight feel. Lauren described them as "quite light around the court" with a "streamlined fit," making them feel "minimal in the forefoot." 

Emily echoed this, noting the "slipper-like sensation" and smooth heel-to-toe transitions, even during aggressive movements. 

Gabby simply stated that the shoes "go straight into the lightweight category" and are "quick and light."


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