String Review: Head Lynx Touch

String Review: Head Lynx Touch

The Head Lynx Touch is one of the most popular strings on the market, so we had 2 play testers try it out, here's what they thought to the string.



  • Control
  • Comfort


  • Not suitable for beginners


Head Lynx Touch is a testament to the evolution of polyester strings, offering a unique combination of on-court benefits due to its innovative construction. Unlike traditional polyester monofilament strings, Lynx Touch features a co-extrusion process that incorporates a soft and elastic material within a hard and translucent polymer matrix. This results in a co-poly string that not only provides exceptional control but also offers comfort, pocketing, and touch that is uncommon in this category. While it may not transform into a multifilament or hybrid, for players seeking surgical control on full swings without sacrificing touch and feel, Lynx Touch proves to be a top contender.




Despite incorporating soft and elastic polymers, Lynx Touch delivers impressive control comparable to stiffer polys. Players like Mark, who prefer control-oriented strings, found the string to offer a high launch angle for depth and net clearance without compromising control on touch shots. Similarly, Lauren, who values control in her strings, appreciated the consistent performance of Lynx Touch across different racquets and tensions, highlighting its predictability and plush feel.




While Lynx Touch may not have the sharp bite of shaped polys, it still offers adequate spin potential. Mark noted the string's ability to generate spin efficiently without feeling overly aggressive, attributing it to the string's good pocketing and dwell time. Lauren, however, experienced slightly below-average spin compared to other polys she uses, mentioning the string's excellent snap-back quality and slick surface.




The inner core of Lynx Touch is engineered with soft and flexible polymers to enhance comfort and touch, leading to one of the highest comfort scores in the polyester category. Both testers praised the string's comfortable feel, with Lauren noting the absence of shock or arm pain during play and Mark appreciating the string's forgiving response, especially in dense string patterns.


Playability Duration


Although co-polyester strings are known to lose tension quickly, Lynx Touch maintained excellent control throughout the playtest, impressing both testers with its durability and consistency. Despite some tension loss, the string exhibited good control and resilience, with Lauren expressing satisfaction with its longevity and minimal notching.




Lauren recommends Lynx Touch to poly players seeking control without sacrificing comfort, making it ideal for players transitioning to co-polys. Mark sees Lynx Touch as a user-friendly option for those looking for a softer and forgiving co-poly string, particularly for players new to co-polys.


Likes and Dislikes


Both testers appreciated Lynx Touch for its comfortable response, ball pocketing, and control, with Lauren specifically praising its comfortable control. However, Lauren noted a slight lack of spin, and Mark highlighted potential notching issues with the string.


Comparison with Other Strings


Mark compared Lynx Touch to Luxilon LXN Smart, noting similarities in soft feel and control, but giving Lynx Touch the edge in playability and value. Similarly, Lauren drew parallels with Luxilon VIBE, acknowledging Lynx Touch's superior predictability and control compared to other strings in its category.


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